Monday, October 24, 2016

The Good Leader

Who is the good leader, and how does he/she act?

The good leader like the good teacher takes an interest in his/her team. He/she knows the team well and works with the team in authentic, honest, forthcoming ways.

The good leader maximizes team members' strengths, interests, and talents. He/she leads with positivity in mind and uses a strengths-based model to forward good work.

The good leader is a communicator. He/she responds regularly to the questions of his/her team. He/she is an open minded, thoughtful, active listener who makes the time to lead with a servant leadership approach as he/she knows that when the team is well cared for, everyone does better.

The good leader focuses on collaboration over competition or compliance. He/she knows we do better together.

The good leader stays ahead of the curve. He/she understands the value of lead time, analysis, research, and readiness for the decisions and issues to come.

The good leader is a loving and courageous individual. He/she is more interested in others than himself/herself and courageously advocates for what is good.

The good leader is unafraid to respectfully make the time to discuss controversial issues utilizing strategic process to find good solutions, pathways, and resolve for issues that occur.

The good leader prioritizes and continually revisits his/her task list to make sure what's most important takes precedence on that list.

With a distributive leadership model in schools, all educators are perceived as leaders, and all will work together to mentor one another and promote the best of what each other can do.

Leadership skills are essential in our world today, and we all crave the opportunity to work with the good leader wherever he or she may be.