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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Relationship Stalemate

A relationship stalemate can occur when two people see the world in two very different ways. A stalemate doesn't mean that one person is right and the other person is wrong, but instead it means that two people stand so far apart on issues, efforts, and vision, that there's little room for companionship or collaboration.

In the best of circumstances, people like me hope to work with everyone with common values and direction--I like the idea of open, caring collaborative work. Yet, in life, I've had the experience of living and working with people who see life very differently from me, and who are uninterested in the collaboration and openness possible.

While I do not wish for situations like this, I know that this happens. A long time ago I went after situations like this with high energy and perseverance--I wanted to change the other person, convince him or her, and/or find common ground. Action liked this only served to sever ties, so know I've learned to give it time, let people live their lives, and make time to know and honor their work, commitment, choices, and vision more. Eventually with an attitude like this I've found that stalemate becomes respect, understanding, and greater learning and care for one another. This, I believe, is the best way to move forward when a stalemate occurs.

Looking Ahead: Positive Collaboration and Good Work

As the summer sets in and I think back to the school year, I am proud of the good work our team at fifth grade did. I am also moved by the wonderful investment, creativity, and result demonstrated by so many committed colleagues and friends at the school where I teach and elsewhere. I'm fortunate to work amongst so many wonderful educators.

As I look ahead, I want to do the following:
  • Be open minded and willing to focus on individual and collective goals to better the work we can do with all students.
  • To work for good development and collaboration around ideas that will help us to teach better.
  • To listen carefully to the colleagues and administrators around me to hear their point of view, needs, good work, and ideas related to teaching well.
  • To be empathetic to the varied commitments and vision of many, and to be supportive in ways that I can be.
  • To focus in on the goals I've created, and to finesse those goals in ways needed to work with colleagues and others to reach our collective, school goals.
For the rest of the summer, I'll prepare to do this good work in the year ahead--work that will bring the satisfaction that I'm working on my own and with others to serve families and students well. 

Trump Talk

If you know me, you know that Trump is a worrisome and troubling President for me. I wrote a lot about that yesterday as I tried to make sense of it all. There's rarely been a moment during his term that has been uplifting, promising, or convincing that he cares about American people, instead day after day we hear suspicious news, disrespectful and dishonest tweets, and discouraging actions--I've yet to see what I hope for which is a president that cares about our children, health care, education, the environment, positive global partnerships and opportunities, and a will to better life for all Americans, not just a few.

His constant negative and troubling banter and action can make make those of us who are proud of our country and our ideals confused, worried, and troubled. People generally want leaders who look out for all of us not just a few.

Yet, we can't let him take us down. We have to continually urge our law makers to use their intelligence, knowledge, and position to question, investigate, and act so that one man doesn't harm our country, break the laws, or take advantage of us. And, at the same time, we have to look deeply at our own capacity and responsibility to do what is right, contribute, and live good lives.

So as I move forward I'll recommit to family, education, and setting the personal stage for simpler, more Earth-friendly living. I'll continue to read, research, reflect, and speak up with regard to the kind of country that supports all of us to do the good work possible by loved ones, neighbors, and fellow national and world citizens.