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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Learning Teaching Prep and Plans 2018-2019

2018-2019 Success Criteria
As I think specifically about the success criteria the program aims to meet in the days, weeks, and months ahead, I identify the following:
  • Meaningful introduction, practice, review, and assessment of all math and physical science standards
  • Thoughtful, purposeful student portfolios and family members-educators-student meetings
  • Engaging math/science/reading learning experiences that includes project-based learning and interdisciplinary writers workshop
  • Happy, invested class community
  • Warm, welcoming classroom 
  • Apt collaboration with grade-level team members
  • Hands-on learning projects with kindergarten buddies
  • Continued professional reflection, study, and learning
  • Continued participation with The Teacher Collaborative, ATMIM, WTA Board, Online threads and share. 
And I think to future paths, I am thinking about how to infuse creativity and writing more into this menu. 

School Year Prep and Planning Chart 
Spring/Summer School Prep for 2018-2019
  • Write/Print move-up letter/supply list, place on TeamFive 2018-2019 Website
  • Keep a supply list throughout the year and Order supplies
  • Plan a student orientation - work with leadership to make sure this happens without the bus problems we experienced in past.
  • Review and re-organize math website - ongoing
  • Meet with team to plan year ahead

    • Re-look at scheduling with the team to even better our already good weekly schedule.
    • Think carefully with colleagues about administrative expectations and build those expectations into the daily routine for students. 
    • Review curriculum map,
    • create weekly teaching pattern (embed reading specialist ideas),
    • attend to other items listed on this page and our team planning page.
    • create homework patterns including student number, computation, problem solving, explanation
    • Plan field studies
    • Review and plan well for Family-Student-Teacher Conferences
  • Plan Selfie Project/create exemplar for 2018-2019 - Example
  • Continue to Update local union website. Ongoing
  • Review and update curriculum map
  • Attempt to get all field trip phone calls, schedules, and paperwork completed during the summer since it's difficult to organize these trips during the school year.
  • Make the time to order more supplies in the spring so there's no need to buy supplies over the summer and into the fall. Keep a running list of supplies during the school year.
  • Determine classroom needs, complete order forms, shop for supplies, and keep receipts.  The PTO gives us a few hundred dollars for supplies, but we have to turn in receipts to get that. . Match with system-wide initiatives
Teacher Prep Days at end of August:
  • Create five extra supply collections for potential new students or students who don't have their supplies.

  • Focus on the parent handbook and needed signatures at Curriculum Night
  • Focus on the student handbooks and signatures during the first days of school
  • Ask about required school forms during set-up days to plan accordingly
  • Careful attention to scheduling so that all scheduling best meet individual/collective student needs
  • Meet with special educator(s), to review student services and schedules.
  • Ordering: Check orders, put away all supplies.
  • Team Meeting Summer Date(s) : August
  • Review, revise, and set up Class Data Chart - keep in mind fall/spring conference data reports
  • Assess/analyze MCAS scores prior to school year. (when scores arrive)
  • Set up file for important anecdotal notes, reminders w/regard to each student
  • Set up sub notebook
First Six Weeks of School Year

  • Focus on Character, school handbook, portfolio set-up, selfie project, and other community building projects
  • Do a better job checking that students have the supplies necessary at the start of the year, and contacting families of students who don't have the supplies to figure out next steps with regard to supplies such as headphones, portfolios, Sharpies, and more.
  • Begin embedding positive learning attitude/behavior: Learning-to-Learn Website
  • Have students set up showcase portfolios and complete Happiness Surveys at start of year.
  • Complete Mandated Online Trainings: This takes about a half day. Make sure that the trainings are up to date at time of completion. Summer/Fall 2017
  • Complete The Selfie Project and Video with Students
  • Establish Math Routines, Teach Tools:
    • Teach Symphony Math, Khan Academy, TenMarks, math supplies
    • What's Your Number activity - math vocabulary
    • How to make, label, share math models - area models w/fact arrays
    • Early year assessments
    • How to use math tools: rulers, calculators, tiles. . . .
    • Math reflection/metacognition
    • Math Mindset
    • Begin First Unit
    • Emphasize growth mindset
    • Discuss history of people and the reality that we can all learn math
    • Use Jo Boaler TED Talk and follow-up activity for inspiration
    • Math Workshop
  • PLC Start: Establish overall focus, norms, roles, protocols. . . .
  • Send out forms, notices right away--and have extras at parents' night for parents to fill out there if needed.
  • Curriculum Night: Establishing the Learning Community, Extended time: one hour in gymnasium with a presentation/sound
  • Parent surveys: Paper survey worked better than online survey last year.
  • Send out weekly newsletters
  • Evaluation Professional Learning and Practice Goals: Update goals to reflect system-wide goals, summer work, review with admin., continue efforts to meet goals.
  • Create Classroom Culture with students:
    • Set norms with students
    • Practice following norms
    • Discuss classroom community.
    • Work to empower student voice, respect, and contribution from start of the year.
    • Create guiding signage with students Be explicit. Ongoing
School Year Focus: Big Events
  • September: Routines, Protocols, Community Focus
  • October: Cultural Proficiency, Identity Field Study?
  • November: Space Study - McAuliffe Center
  • December: Maya, Incas, Aztec
  • January: Boston Museum of Science
  • February:
  • March: Math Global Cardboard Challenge Event, Matter Presentation
  • April: Expert Visitor
  • May:
  • June: Global Changemakers, Boston Walking Tour
Professional Learning for School Year 2018-2019

This poster will continue to lead my work in the year ahead.