Sunday, July 08, 2018

What's Your Word?

My one-word for 2018-2019.
In the past years, acronyms are everywhere. Some have become frustrated with this, however I still believe that an acronym has merit as it's quick to remember and can guide your practice.

In the year ahead, I hope that we will help students to choose one word that serves as an acronym for their overall learning goals for the year.

To do this, students will need to think of one word that will uplift their learning and living in the year--a word that will help to make them better.

Then they will use the letters of that word to signify words and phrases that will lead the details of their learning year, the specific goals they'll reach for.

To do this, we'll begin with a lesson on goal setting. We'll discuss why it's important to set goals, and what we hope to achieve by thinking deeply about our goals. Together we'll list lots and lots of possible fifth grade yearly goals in the academic, physical, social, and  emotional realms.

I'll show students my goal image and my one word, LISTEN. I'll explain my goals too.

Students will place their one-word mini posters in the back cover of their showcase portfolios and we'll revisit and reflect on those goals often. This is one good way to direct students' ownership and direction in the teaching year.