Sunday, July 08, 2018

Everywhere I look I see opportunity for betterment

There is limitless opportunity to make life better. There are countless challenges starting us in the face as to how we might improve life for all the people on Earth.

We can start with food systems. Obviously when some are dying of hunger and others are throwing away food, we have opportunity for positive change.

We can look at the environment. With limited natural resources and the need for good, clean soil, water, and air to live, we see countless ways that we can work together to make good change.

We can look at the infrastructure--there's no reason why we have to have infrastructures that create pollution or prevent safety at a time when technology is so advanced.

We can look at education and health care and understand that with the level of automation that exists in society today, we can better educate more people to serve as educators and health care providers so that more people get the good education and quality health care and support they deserve.

We can look at communities and uplift the recreation available via beautiful parks, bike trails, fitness centers, art museums, craft shows, and more to engage people in positive, communal activities which uplift the spirit and bring people together.

We can look at healthy food and find ways to fill every community with lots of wonderful healthy food options, and on the contrary we can highly tax every food that is unhealthy so that those foods become once-in-a-while treats while the healthy staples become the mainstay.

We can look at all kinds of media and discuss what truly entertains and uplifts us versus what dumbs us down and degrades us.

We can look at what hurts us and make better laws and policies that limit and/or guide the use of such substances, weapons, and practices. People are generally fragile and often erratic with their use of objects that harm them--why not help people out by making good guidelines, protocols, and limitations with potentially harmful activities, objects, substances, and weapons.

There should be a general will to do better for and with one another--we should be moving societies in that direction with the attitude that there's enough to go around if we use our minds, hearts, time, and resources well. We should be moving humankind forward, not back.

The opportunities to do what is right and good are limitless right now--the biggest challenge is knowing what to choose and then directing your time and energy there.

What will you choose?

What will you do?

How will that positively forward your own life and the lives of others?