Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Advantage of Mini Posters when Updating Teaching/Learning

Are we focusing on the right capabilities as we develop teaching/learning programs?

It's challenging to cull multiple pages from books into information you can easily remember, apply and embed into your practice as an educator. One strategy that works well is the mini-poster, small posters that include essential facts and information to lead your work. I found and/or created a number of these so far this summer based on books I've read. I don't want to lose sight of these ideas so I added the posters below. I'll feature this post on my blog, print the posters out in color for my classroom and utilize the ideas as I work with colleagues to build the learning/teaching program in the year ahead.
What makes students future-ready

The year's teaching/learning goals

Great image for students to discuss demonstrating fair is not equal, and equal is not always fair

Symbol that represents the way TeamFive works and learns
Poster with essential points related to building equity

School system digital do's and don'ts

Reminder of social-emotional lessons to embed in the teaching/learning program throughout the year

Very important distinction to share with students and have posted for easy reference. 

Awesome mini poster to lead collegial work and co-teaching.

Are we embedding these skills and abilities into our learning unit and lesson designs? How do we assess for these skills and abilities?