Thursday, February 16, 2017

Teaching/Learning 2017-2018

School Year Prep and Planning Chart 
Winter, Spring, Summer School Prep for 2017-2018
  • Write/Print move-up letter/supply list, place on TeamFive Website
  • Order supplies
  • Plan a student orientation - in progress
  • Summer reading/study Mostly Complete
  • Review and re-organize math website - ongoing
  • Meet with team to plan year ahead, new orientations
  • Plan Selfie Project/create exemplar - complete
  • Attend NB Academy - July
  • Attend Summer MTA Conference 7/30-8/3 Focus on Union Efforts.
  • Continue to Update local union website. Ongoing
  • Prep Start of Year Bulletin Board:
Teacher Prep Days at end of August:
  • Determine classroom needs, complete order forms, shop for supplies, and keep receipts.  The PTO gives us a few hundred dollars for supplies, but we have to turn in receipts to get that. . Match with system-wide initiatives
  • Meet with special educator, to review student services and schedules.
  • Ordering: Check orders, put away all supplies.
  • Team Meeting Summer Date(s) : August
    • Review curriculum map,
    • create weekly teaching pattern (embed reading specialist ideas),
    • attend to other items listed on this page and our team planning page.
    • create homework patterns including student number, computation, problem solving, explanation
    • Plan field studies
  • Review, revise, and set up Class Data Chart. (complete)
  • Assess MCAS scores prior to school year. (when scores arrive)
  • Set up notebook for important anecdotal notes, reminders w/regard to each student
First Six Weeks of School Year
  • Begin embedding positive learning attitude/behavior: Learning-to-Learn Website
  • Complete Mandated Online Trainings: This takes about a half day. Make sure that the trainings are up to date at time of completion. Summer/Fall 2017
  • Complete The Selfie Project and Video with Students
  • Establish Math Routines, Teach Tools:
    • Teach Symphony Math, Khan Academy, TenMarks, math supplies
    • What's Your Number activity - math vocabulary
    • How to make, label, share math models - area models w/fact arrays
    • Early year assessments
    • How to use math tools: rulers, calculators, tiles. . . .
    • Math reflection/metacognition
    • Math Mindset
    • Begin First Unit
  • PLC Start: Establish overall focus, norms, roles, protocols. . . .
  • Curriculum Night: Establishing the Learning Community, Extended time: one hour in gymnasium with a presentation/sound
  • Parent surveys: Paper survey worked better than online survey last year.
  • Send out weekly newsletters
  • Evaluation Professional Learning and Practice Goals: Update goals to reflect system-wide goals, summer work, review with admin., continue efforts to meet goals.
  • Create Classroom Culture with students:
    • Set norms with students
    • Practice following norms
    • Discuss classroom community.
    • Work to empower student voice, respect, and contribution from start of the year.
    • Create guiding signage with students Be explicit. Ongoing
School Year Focus: Big Events
  • September: Routines, Protocols, Community Focus
  • October: “In the Heights” Cultural Proficiency, Identity
  • November: Space Study
  • December:
  • January:
  • February:
  • March: Math Global Cardboard Challenge Event
  • April:
  • May:
  • June: Global Changemakers
  • NBPTS Conference, Las Vegas
  • MTA Summer Conference
  • Reading, Research, Writing, and Study (link via title)
  • Special Education Course (15 pdps) - online (if time permits)
This poster will continue to lead my work in the year ahead.