Thursday, July 27, 2017

Professional Learning 2017-2018 School Year

Summer study is underway. The events are scheduled, the motivation ready and the materials set.

As an individual who sometimes takes on more than is wise, I need to chart the course ahead so I stay true to plans, efforts and goals.

What will the school year bring in terms of professional learning, research and study?

Daily reading, research and writing
I'll continue my practice of daily reading, research, reflection and writing--a practice I enjoy and a practice that feeds my teaching/learning work well. This is easy to do since my tremendous Professional Learning Network forwards me terrific information, resources and ideas regularly.

Focus on Primary Goals
My primary goal this year is to really go deep with my efforts to inspire, coach and teach the students in my grade-level team. I'm going to use what I've learned so far, collected and continue to learn to teach as well as I can. I have a number of specific goals and activities related to this outlined on my ePortfolio and will make this the mainstay of my work this year.

Special Education Study
To be recertified in Massachusetts, every teacher has to earn professional development points in the area of special education. I plan to earn those points next summer via online or real time study.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Teachers Advisory Council (TAC)
I plan to work with educators across the state in this capacity to develop teaching/learning efforts in ways that matter.

Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) Teaching and Professional Learning Committee (TPL)
I plan to do what I can as a member of this committee to forward optimal teaching/learning events for Massachusetts educators.

National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Community (NBPTS)
As a nationally board certified teacher, I plan to work with the MTA to support other educators who would like to join this dynamic community by becoming nationally certified.

Wayland Teachers Association (WTA) Board Member/Secretary
I hope to support the local teachers' union as secretary and board member. I also may serve on their new evaluation committee to see how we can streamline the evaluation system in ways that make it both meaningful and efficient.

Parent of a High School Senior
As a parent of a high school senior, I know there's lots of leg work to do here beginning with football-related activities and also activities related to swim team, college applications and more.

Professional Learning Events
It's likely that I'll attend a number of professional learning events within my system and elsewhere as the opportunity arises. I hope to use these events to add to my professional learning foundation and the work I can do with and for students.

I'll likely resist the temptation to attend other big events or join other initiatives in the year ahead as this is already a full plate. At the end of the year, I hope to mostly have achieved my primary goals which is to help all students learn with confidence and success.

Future Books/Articles that come highly recommended:

  • Into White
  • The Hate you Give
  • All American Boys
  • How it Went Down
  • The Smell of Other People's Houses
  • The Sun is also a Star
  • Dante and Aristotle Discover the Secrets of the Universe