Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Professional Priorities

I'm moved by impressive effort.

I'm inspired by good work.

I like to know what other people are doing in schools so that I can learn, get better.

I recognize that I am but one of many moving down this teaching/learning path.

Probably better than anyone, I know the many ways that I can improve my craft and better my teaching--there's always lots to do in this regard, and new challenges arrive daily.

The errors of the past were not intentional, but clearly part of the learning curve that comes with teaching and learning well. It's a mighty adventure as we aim to do better, learn more, and work with others to forward what we can do.

I'm making time this summer to think and rethink the path as schools change--to look deeply at my role--where it's working and where it can be better.

I love the challenge that teaching holds, and yes, I get frustrated at the pace and depth of change at times.

In the days that follow, the work will include the following:

Community Building
Working with colleagues, students, families, administrators, and community members to build a dynamic teaching/learning team. Specifically employing quality conversation, strategic planning and analysis, learning-to-learn behaviors and mindsets, and lots of love and compassion in this regard.

Teaching Math, STEAM, and ELA 
A primary focus on math and STEAM study utilizing meaningful interdisciplinary learning experiences. An English Language Arts focus with regard to interdisciplinary study and Response to Intervention (RTI)

Teacher Advisory Cabinet Member
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) 
I'll serve as a Central-West Representative on this Committee

Salary and Working Conditions Committee
I'll study our contract and work with this committee to think about ways that this document can better situate us for the good teaching and learning possible.

Professional Learning
I'll regularly engage in a professional learning events. Upcoming events include McAuliffe Science Center STEAM Workshop, MassCUE, and ECET2-MA2016.

Shared Teaching Model: Curriculum Map, Schedules, and Goal Setting
I'll work with my professional team to goal set, map the curriculum, and solidify the schedule in the weeks ahead as we plan for the 2016-2017 school year.

Learning Environment
I'll devote the time necessary to update the learning environment to make it inviting for every student.

Teacher Leadership, Policy, Communication, and Vision
I'll continue to embark on learning more about teacher leadership, policy work, vision, and communication. As schools and structures change, there's much to learn in this sphere. Currently this work involves the TLI Capstone and TeachPlus online policy/advocacy course.

I'll simplify routines and objects to make more time for meaningful work and endeavor.

Union Representative
I'll continue to update our website, listen to, and read related information, and work with the union team to support educators in my system and elsewhere.

I'll stop procrastinating and get the mounds of paperwork related to family and professional life done--a painful necessity :)

Friends and Family
I'll make time for those I love.

Getting the goals down to this simplicity is awesome as it clears the path for the good work to come.