Monday, October 24, 2016

Writing My Way to Freedom and Betterment

The only way I can get past the struggles that I face as an educator is to write my way to a better place.

Writing helps me to acknowledge the mountains I have to climb to teach well.

Writing helps me to affirm the good people, places, and events that energize those mountain climbs.

Writing helps me to prioritize where to go and what steps to take next.

Through writing I identify whom I can trust, and who doesn't have my best interests in mind.

So as I write myself through the latest challenging event in the school year, an event where there's been many unanswered questions and little support, I realize that some places only offer a fraction of what you need or what you can do. No place will be all things to you, and it's important to seek the environment and mentoring you need to do the good work possible.

The result of this writing is to follow a new path--one that I've outlined for myself, and one that I'll stick to in the days ahead. As usual, children will be the driving force as I continue to aim to teach them well and enjoy that task thoroughly. I'll continue my research and outreach too as I love to learn as much as I love to teach. I'll try to stay as far away as I can from the sources that serve to continually discourage and demean my efforts, questions, thoughts, and ideas--like a heavy weight, I will have to find places to put that aside so I can do my work well.

So many realize that educators require inspiring, vital, and inclusive environments to do their work well, but others don't understand that, and thus pain.

But I'll write myself through the pain and continue the good work I know is possible. Onward.