Monday, March 21, 2016

Chart the Course 2016-2017 School Year

It's that time of year when I look ahead and create the to do chart to prepare for the next teaching year. I build the chart off of a preparation chart I made a few years ago. The big changes that I know of now will include ESSA and MCAS 2.0 which I want to read about over the summer. This is an outline of the main initiatives and teaching focus.

The overall goals for the year are drafted on this page.

The chart below outlines the tasks for summer and early school year preparation. I will update the chart regularly to reflect new learning, focus, and effort. 

November 2016 Update: I noticed that someone was reading this post so I decided to revisit the post to update.

Spring and Summer 2016 Professional Learning

Summer Study: 
Summer is a good time to study, research, and prepare for the school year ahead.
  • Continue to research, write, and update The Thirteen Days of Math, SRSD   Problem Solving, and Numbers that Define YouI only updated this work a bit and have used it some as students prepare for operations' units.
  • Update Grade Level Curriculum Chart in conjunction with Colleagues (start in summer, complete in fall).  Our team met to do this over the summer, and did some good work in this regard.
  • Read about ESSA and MCAS 2.0, and look for ways to continue to develop a more culturally relevant and equitable classroom/program for all students. I continue to study ESSA and learn about MCAS 2.0
  • Summer reading Study continues
  • Read about ESSA Study Continues
  • Read Draft of State Tech Standards (or final copy if published)I did not study this in depth since I have little voice and choice with regard to this area of school life. I've put my energy elsewhere.
  • Revisit the curriculum night presentation with a focus on Lifelong Learning CompetenciesWe worked on this as a team. 

Update local union website. This was completed and deserves another update soon. 

Prepare for, attend, and present at Wayland Institutes last week in June and MTA summer conference in August: Literacy Institute and STEAM InstituteI completed this task with good effort and result.

Continue to update and create 2016-2017 website with colleagues. Update and refine existing curriculum websites.Completed with colleagues and good result. Continues to be updated as needed. 

Update Learning-to-Learn Website with a focus on student collaboration and team building.Continues to be updated and used. 

Determine classroom needs, complete order forms, shop for supplies, and keep receipts. The PTO gives us a few hundred dollars for supplies, but we have to turn in receipts to get that. (See STEAM List) . Continue to design, update, and organize STEAM CenterLots of effort completed in this regard, more to come.

Work with colleagues to determine field study choices and possible WPSF grant ideas. Complete the related research, organization, and calls related to this.We wrote a few grants and planned lots of great field studies.

Complete Mandated Online Trainings: This takes about a half day. Make sure that the trainings are up to date at time of completion. Completed as directed.

Summer Work Just Prior to Start of School

Curriculum Night Presentation Revision (ongoing)
Complete Revision with grade-level colleagues. Completed

Meet with special educator, to review student services and schedules. Review and revise Complete Assessment Form/class chart.Completed--charts look a bit different.

Ordering: Check orders, put away all supplies.Completed

Room Set Up: Create a math/STEAM focused classroom.Completed, ready for another updated

Team Meeting Summer Date(s) :

Review, revise, and set up Class Data Chart.Ongoing effort- updated now

Incorporate system-wide and school goals into overall year’s plan and efforts. Coordinate teaching of learning to learn curriculum into first six weeks with colleagues. Analyze student standardized scores and make related changes to curriculum program. Ongoing goal

First Weeks of School: Use these documents as guides - School Year Plans,  Description of Plans

Work on grade-level schedule and calendar with colleagues
Start of Year: Practice Routines that MatterCompleted

9/15 Dot Day: Coordinate with TeammatesWe did not do this this year.

Global Cardboard Challenge Date ______ rain date______ Do we want to coordinate this with team building efforts at start of year?Completed and well loved by students.

PLC Start: Establish overall focus, norms, roles, protocols. . . .Completed

Curriculum Night: Establishing the Learning Community
Extended time granted, date established. Completed, great movie shared.

Early Year Assessments/Goal Setting,Math SRSD Assessment, Work with colleagues to identify best early year assessments.Completed

Parent surveys: Google form survey included in first newsletter - work with colleagues on this.Completed

Early Year Family Meetings (optional) - invitation in first newsletterCompleted

Evaluation Professional Learning and Practice Goals:
Update goals to reflect system-wide goals, summer work, review with admin., continue efforts to meet goals. Completed

Learning to Learn Curriculum: Work with team to update and embed into learning.
Classroom Culture:

  • Set norms with students
  • Practice following norms
  • Discuss classroom community.
  • Work to empower student voice, respect, and contribution from start of the year. 
  • Create guiding signage with students Be explicit. Ongoing 

STEAM Workshop: Update STEAM Efforts
Naturalist Study Review and updateEfforts changed due to systemwide admin. decisions. 

Math Workshop: Begin with Numbers Define You, Examine Landmark Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Figures - Review and updateContinues, used as fits

Professional Learning for School Year 2015-2016

Focus on adult learning theory, presentation skills, and updating current presentations.Good effort, growth in this regard.

Complete TLI Shared Teaching Capstone Completed.

Wayland Institutes MTA Summer ConferenceCompleted
Drumlin Farm/SUASCO Collaboration - Focus on those effortsContinues
TLI Initiative Completion Completed
Gates Foundation IECET2 nitiative Efforts-Review, UpdateCompleted
SRSD Math Problem Solving - Update/ReviewOngoing
Educon - Plan to possibly attend in JanuaryPlanned
McAuliffe Center STEAM Workshop - 8/11Completed
BLC Conference - mid JulyCompleted in July, proposal for next summer sent
INNOV8 Conference prep for November cancelled due to financial support lacking for this

This poster will continue to lead my work in the year ahead.