Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Teaching/Learning Path Direction 2016-2017

I write a lot about the teaching/learning path as its impacted greatly and daily by multiple factors and events. This reality creates a need to continually weed the path to make sure it is well directed.

What does the path look like right now?

Naturalist Activities
This week is packed full of science and STEAM information and learning. Soon students will have a chance to apply all this learning as they complete STEAM investigations, continue to care for the spadefoot tadpoles, and investigate in nature. In the meantime, I've got to buy some buckets and net making materials, and work with students to make nature hike backpacks.

Science MCAS
My colleagues and I have done significant work to prepare students for the vocabulary, concept knowledge, and writing practice related to these tests which will occur at the end of this week.

Biography Project
The next two weeks signal significant research, writing, editing, and presentation work related to the biography project. We will make a lot of time for this.

Fifth Grade Play
It's all about positive coaching now as we support our masterful music teacher's orchestration of this signature learning event.

Progress reports, cumulative cards, and move-up letter/supply lists need to be completed and filed. Our team has already started this work. Orders are complete.

There are a large number of personal and professional celebrations at this time of year. The key here is preparation and being there!

Teacher Leadership Initiative
The MA Cohort will meet on June 18th and after that I'll have the chance to complete this project during summer days.

BLC, Boston 2016
I will serve as a volunteer at this event this summer.

ECET2 MA 2016: Teaching All Students
Our planning team is meeting at the Worcester Public Library early in June to create the RFP for invitations and presentations for this October 1, 2016. Stay tuned.

Wayland Institutes
If you're interested in developing your ELA or STEAM knowledge, you're welcome to sign up for the Wayland Institutes. My colleagues and I are presenting and attending the events. There's some prep to do, but this can be done after the school year ends.

MTA Summer Conference
My colleagues and I plan to present at and attend this conference too. It will be a bit of a retreat out in beautiful Amherst, Massachusetts and a good time to ignite our efforts for the 2016-2017 teaching/learning year.

Christa McAuliffe STEAM Conference
This event will occur on August 11 for area educators. I've signed up and look forward to attending.

I'll work with colleagues and leaders to help promote and identify a positive DDM process for the year ahead.

Wayland Public Schools Foundation (WPSF) Grants
I'd like to work with colleagues to write an equity signage grant to support the addition of beautiful images and quotes to line our school walls to inspire growth mindset, inclusion, self esteem, dreams, and imagination.  I also want to write a grant that supports an intersection of greater cultural proficiency, naturalist/STEAM study, and math. I'll think about that in the summer months.

Professional Reading
Many books lie on desk awaiting greater study. Those books include the following:

I'm sure this path will change, but for now it's a good start at pruning the path ahead.