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Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Musings

I'd love a snow day today simply because it would give me a chance to make a large number of phone calls I can't make during a school day. Most procedural-related calls take time as there's wait time and call backs, and with an educator's schedule there's little free time during work hours for these calls. I often have my husband make those calls or respond since he's able to easily pick up a phone most often at his job since he's not typically working with large numbers of children or people at once.

The snow is falling at a good clip outside my window, but it doesn't appear that any schools nearby have made the call. No call and school means a longer commute. Though I live very close to school, driving is always slower when it comes to snow school days. Similar to rain, everything slows down a bit when there's a weather event.

With an hour of prep time available, I'll look ahead to next year's prep and plans, since I'm ready for the day's teaching and learning.