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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Imagine: Equity

A group of educators met one day and proclaimed, "Every child in our school can reach high and do well, and our challenge is to support that elevation."

Then together they tried one action after another. They assessed their efforts, made revision, and tried again.

Until one day, when they met, they realized that every child had succeeded. The children they teach came to school happy almost every day. They demonstrated continued growth in areas that mattered and areas they were passionate about. Due to the children's positivity and growth, parents had flocked to the school as well to support the process. Alumni returned too because they wanted to support such a positive environment.

The terrific teaching and efforts of one small school emanated to the entire community and served as a beacon of positivity and a center of care.

We must never lose hope that we can be this school, that we can work together to teach better, and that great results like this occur because of the investment, process, conversations, and efforts we embrace.

Too often what can be is diminished simply because we are afraid or reluctant to speak up, share our ideas, dream, and work for better. There is great satisfaction and hope in doing this kind of work for it betters all of us and makes life more fulfilling.