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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Unit Box/Website

As I culled through almost every item in my classroom today I took note of so many treasured books and items. Yet, I don't have space to put all those items on display, and it would be overwhelming for the students to have all those items out at once too.

So, as wise teachers have done for decades or more, it's time to create unit boxes for those beloved units--the teaching projects and exploration that hold value through the years.

Filling the box with the best books, artifacts, and notes helps you to prepare and teach the unit year after year. In today's world, the box doesn't have to be quite as big though since most of the paperwork and directions associated with the unit can be housed in an online website like this Endangered Species website.

The many materials I have could create the following boxes:
  • Habitats/Biomes
  • Personal Narratives
  • Endangered Species
  • Immigration/Culture Studies
  • Plant Science
  • Simple Machines
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Geometry
  • Poetry
Since the next unit that requires review, revision, enrichment and delivery is the simple machines Rube Goldberg Marble Maze project. That will be the first box and new website that I'll create and then adapt as the unit is taught.

What's your unit box/website creation, revision, and storage process?  Do you and your grade-level team work on this together?  What other ideas do you have for me?