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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Professional Landscape Has Changed

Much of what I've hoped for in education, has happened.

New schedules, structures, and roles have taken root in the organization where I teach.

Greater communication, organization, and direction are serving the teaching/learning community well.

This increased definition has provided me with clearer guidelines, greater support, and focus.

While there is always room for growth and continued revision in any vibrant organization, in a sense, we have arrived at a good place for deeper learning and teaching.

What does this mean for my work?

It means that I can dig into the details of what it means to lead a classroom of young learners in ways that are joyful, engaging, and enriching.

It also means that I'm better able to reach for that work/life balance that creates a strong foundation of time, attention, and care for teaching well.

This is a good place to be.