Thursday, May 15, 2014

TEAM Research #8: WeVideo Introdution

Students will use WeVideo to introduce their projects.  They'll create a one-minute teaser that includes the following steps and information.  As with most projects, I'm sure that students will take this initial introduction and make it much better than my simple start.

WeVideo is currently free for a less than terrific copy.  I purchased a membership for myself to play with it more, and hope to use PTO money to purchase a subscription for the class next year since like all the Google related tools, I think this tool has lots of promise.

Video Steps and Example:

  1. Make about 5-Google Draw slides with images and words. Download.
  2. Open WeVideo, Create New Project
  3. Upload Media (slides)
  4. Create Text Slides and Recordings--note that you have choices on the recording by choosing from the template choices
  5. Add Music
  6. Edit
  7. Show Teacher
  8. Make Corrections
  9. Show Teacher Again
  10. Publish on Class Show Site for School Assembly Presentation.

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