Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chart the Course: 2015-2016 School Year

I continue to update the 2015-2016 school year chart. My primary teaching responsibilities include the following:

Note that I noticed someone reading this at the end of February 2016 which prompted me to update so that this becomes a nice start for the 2016-2017 list.
  1. Nurture a supportive, collaborative, and caring class community. (Yes, still working on this and growing my work mainly in this website, but via other vehicles too.)
  2. Foster the development of engaged, facile, fluent, and flexible mathematical thinkers who master the math CCSS. (Still working on this too and enthusiastically embedding Jo Boaler's research from the book, Mathematical Mindsets.)
  3. Provide an hour-long engaging and inspiring STEAM lab each week for each student group. (This actually changed to periodic STEAM Theme days for the whole grade level, an effort we continue to work on and develop. We are happy with our progress to date.)
  4. Coordinate and provide targeted RTI Math/ELA services with grade-level team to boost all students' abilities in these areas. (This continues to go well. We have a large team to rely on for this work, and we are making positive gains.)
  5. Support the shared teaching model at fifth grade with a commitment to thoughtful, supportive response and service to the teaching/learning team: students, families, colleagues, leaders, and community members. (This is going very well and we continue to develop the model. My work with TLI has helped this too.)
The chart below outlines the tasks for summer and early school year preparation. I will update the chart regularly to reflect new learning, focus, and effort. 

Summer 2015 Professional Learning

Study MPI, Visual Literacy Chart, Complete SRSD review of all grade 5 problem solving exemplars. (As time is available in summer, complete in fall). During summer of 2016, I want to continue to develop these efforts.
Summer Reading List and Grade Level Curriculum Chart in conjunction with Colleagues (start in summer, complete in fall). Look back at this during summer of 2016 for continued growth.
Deep Learning Conference July 23: Attend and present "Code to Learn Math" Deep Learning Presentation: Prep presentation. (Prep 7/15) Incorporate visual literacy research. (If Wes presents again, I'll join in)
SRSD Approach to Writing and Learning in Math: Curriculum efforts and presentation. Study PARCC expectations in this regard re making claims, PBAs, SMPs. 8/23-8/24 Presentation (Practice/Review mid August) (We made a good start with this and I want to continue to work on it coupling the efforts with Boaler's work in Mathematical Mindsets.)
College and Career Readiness Research and Presentation: Update to reflect expectations and provide educators with lots of ready-to-use ideas. Presentation: 8/26, Monson, MA (It's unlikely that I'll directly continue this work during summer of 2016, but who knows)
Determine classroom needs, complete order forms, shop for supplies, and keep receipts: plastic drawer organizer carts, extra grid notebooks, mailboxes, one-yard grid supplies, compasses, magnets, compasses, book display holders (See STEAM List) (Lots of work needs to be done in this area for spring/summer 2016)

Wayland Foundation Naturalist Grant and Cultural Relevancy--Black Heritage Museum draft grants: determine supplies, draft grant for grade level share in September (August). Review grants with grade-level colleagues at start of school. (Hopefully we'll continue this work in 2016-2017, this summer I'll be working at a local farm with regard to its education efforts so I'm sure I'll be able to connect that work to school life.)

Make calls related to field studies: Harriet Tubman play, Black Heritage Trail,  meet with Drumlin Farm coordinator (July 30) to plan outdoor exploration focus and field study for Fall (frog habitat/adaptation) and Spring (naturalist exploration). (It's always great to get this work done in the summer months--the team will have to determine what we want to keep and what we want to change.)

Mandated Online Trainings
(This takes about a half day. This year I did it early, but had to redo many parts since they were updated after the start of school hence I want to determine when the trainings will be updated)

Read school shared social/emotional teaching articles.
(I want to continue to think about and learn more about teaching what some call "soft skills" and others call "social competency")


Summer Work Just Prior to Start of School

Curriculum Night Presentation Revision (ongoing)
Complete Revision with grade-level colleagues.

Meet with special educator, to review student services and schedules. Review and revise Complete Assessment Form/class chart.
Set up date to meet with AM once schedules are complete.

Ordering: Check orders, put away all supplies.

Room Set Up: Create a math/STEAM focused classroom.
New floors will not be complete until 8/24 so set-up will occur after that date.

Team Meeting 8/27 9am (get lunch)

Review, revise, and set up Class Data Chart.

Incorporate system-wide and school goals into overall year’s plan and efforts. Coordinate teaching of learning to learn curriculum into first six weeks with colleagues.
Also embed 2015 Summer Reading List Actions into year's efforts and plans.

First Weeks of School (School Year Plans)  
Description of Plans (update for 2015-2016)

9/15 Dot Day: Coordinate with Teammates

Global Cardboard Challenge Date 9/24: create, 10/2 Arcade (10/5 raindate) Coordinate with building principal and teammates.
PLC Start: Establish overall focus, norms, roles, protocols. . . .

Curriculum Night: Establishing the Learning Community
Extended time granted, date established.

Parent surveys: Google form survey included in first newsletter
Early Year Family Meetings (optional) - invitation in first newsletter
Update goals to reflect system-wide goals, summer work, review with admin., continue efforts to meet goals.

Learning to Learn Curriculum: Work with team to update and embed into learning.

STEAM Workshop: Update STEAM Efforts
Naturalist Study (include frame-math measurement/nature work)

Professional Learning for School Year 2015-2016

Daily Reading, Writing, Reflection, Planning

Document year's story of new model throughout the year.
#1 Story Starts Now, Story #2
# First Collaboration Meeting 8/28

Regis College EdTech Workshop 7/23 X
Drumlin Farm/SUASCO Collaboration First Meeting 7/30 X
Monson Presentation 8/26 X
SRSD Workshop 8/24 X
TLC with MTA 2015-2016 Cohort - Year Long Effort (weekly routine)
Gates Foundation Initiative Efforts - Year Long and Maybe More (weekly effort)
SRSD Math Problem Solving - Year Long and Maybe More
Edcamp Malden 10/17
FSU Math?
PD Event of Choice -- TBD mid year

This poster will lead my work in the year ahead.