Friday, May 16, 2014

Class Math Website

I have started revising the class math website.  Similar to the class website, I want the website to support student learning in and out of school.  What will I include?  How will I research for and design this website?

First, I'll clean up the current website.  I started by putting the titles that refer to the overall program along the top, while placing the specific unit topics along the side bar.

Next, I'll go through each page and clean up the organization and content information. I'll also look through my blog and collect the math posts, and place each post appropriately on the new website.

After that, I'll start the research including the following steps:
  1. Using Khan Math to review the grade level content this summer.  Like a student, I'll go through the whole grade level program.  That will help me help students with this great learning tool next fall.
  2. Reading a great math overview book--I've wanted to do that for some time, and I think this may be the summer I'll do that.
  3. Possibly taking a math course--The Massachusetts Department of Education offers many free summer courses, and I hope to get into one of those courses.
  4. Participating in #matchhats and reading math blogs.
Throughout the process, I'll think about the website from the learning communities point of view.  I'll try to make this website an easy to follow, student/family-friendly learning resource.

If you have any ideas for me as I revise this math resource, please let me know.  I'm looking forward to the endeavor.