Friday, July 31, 2020

Contributing to a better world

I was excited about teaching in the fall, but when decision makers appeared to create unsafe decisions, I decided to retire. 

Now, as you consider my decision, it's important to recognize the following factors:
  • In the best of circumstances, school decisions at this time are difficult--I know this isn't easy.
  • I tried to offer solutions, but no one appeared to take me seriously--I had no voice.
  • I have one of the CDC risk factors for COVID-19 so I was at risk of illness or even, death.
  • I knew that the fall would be greatly difficult given the fact that I had little voice and the climate appeared to put me at risk.
  • I have taught a long time (34 years) and was in a position where I could retire.
There are a number of aspects of teaching that I will miss including the following:
  • Working with children in dynamic ways to spark curiousity and support meaningful, productie learning quests.
  • Engaging children in learning how to use multiple pathways and tools for dynamic learning
  • Working with colleagues to create awesome programs to inspire, educate, and care for children.
Where will I go in the days ahead? What will I do?

First, I will play catch-up at home. I did put a lot of jobs on hold for a long time while I was working around the clock. It will be good to catch up with a number of household and family chores.

I will also think about the ways that I can use my skills and abilities to support betterment in new ways. I am considering a number of focus areas including the following:
  1. Supporting young families
  2. Supporting struggling students
  3. Working to get the vote out
  4. Contributing to environmental education and Earth-saving activities and advocacy
  5. Working towards a more sustainable lifestyle
  6. Research and writing to support advocacy for better policy in the United States, policies that uplift families, communities, and education in positive, modern ways. 
  7. Supporting educators and educational groups to foster best-possible education practices 
I am rightly sad to be leaving my school community--a place I devoted 34 years to, but I am satisfied that this is the right decision at this time. I'm excited to see where the next steps will take me. If you have any insights or ideas, let me know.