Friday, July 31, 2020

Digital Identity

I began my digital identity a long time ago--I just jumped in and started exploring lots and lots of tools. I learned a lot by connecting with educators via Twitter and attending countless conferences. I enjoyed this journey and was more tangental than systematic with this exploration hence my digital identity includes all kinds of accounts and projects on multiple sites.

Now that I'm retiring from 24-7 classroom teaching work, I want to think about my digital identify focus with a greater systematic approach--I will have time to pay attention to the details more. What will I do?

Import accounts to new accounts
First, I'll have to import many accounts to my private accounts from my school accounts. That will take some time.

Figure out my direction
I want to think about the digital work I want to do going forward. I know that I want to get better at creating videos, blogging, and creating websites. So I've got some research and study to do.

I'll create some short books about a number of topics. I haven't decided what I'll do with those books yet, but there's no rush.

I truly enjoy the digital journey--I love to create and communicate with digital tools. I look forward to this creative chapter in life. I welcome your thoughts and ideas.