Thursday, May 28, 2020

To teach well you have to coach yourself ahead with positivity

The energy to do my job well comes from within. Few to no people really care about what I do daily unless I make an error. Then people care, but as long as I am doing the job I'm expected to do, no one pays much attention.

Teachers don't become teachers because they want recognition, they teach because they believe a good education makes a difference in people's lives. Teachers teach because they want to spend their lives contributing to something greater than themselves; they want to empower lives.

I have always enjoyed learning. I always enjoyed school, and school made a significant difference in my life. I wanted to be apart of that difference for others' lives as well.

One of the most difficult parts of teaching is the fact that you have to continually draw from within yourself to get the energy to do the work that you know is important. You have to reach way down to energize yourself to keep working towards doing a better job for the children you teach. And you have to deal with a lot of outside people and agencies who work against your good energy and good work all the time--people more concerned with their own reputations, ambition, and success than the mission of the job. These agencies and people are similar to a barbed wire fence--they oppose the good work you hope to do all the time. Their efforts are defeating, yet they persist.

Teachers have to find ways to deal with this barbed wire because if they don't the oppressive and hurtful energy will take you down--you can't teach well when you are oppressed.

To simply recognize that there will be some in your midst who don't care much about the true mission of teaching which is to serve children well is one step forward, and then to coach yourself in ways that help you to avoid the oppressive energy and dictates of those people is another step forward. Further you have to find groups of educators who do care to help you sustain your energy in ways that matter--those people will help you to set your teaching/learning sails in a positive direction.

Teaching is good work. Teaching is positive work. Teaching makes a difference, and to do the job well, we have to coach ourselves ahead with people who support the work we do in positive ways. Onward.