Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unanswered Questions

How often do you ask questions that remain unanswered?

I often pose questions which are left unread and unanswered.

I could push the point, but I recognize that most of these unanswered questions are purposefully left unread or unattended to.


Posing that question I fear would be seen as subordination, and I don't want to travel that path.

I'm guessing the questions are left unanswered because people feel it's not my role to ask such questions about vision, decisions, and forward action and thought.

Yet, I ask because I want to be inline with the forward movement of groups.  I want to use my research, reading, and thought time wisely.  Too often in schools of the past (and perhaps present), educators have worked carefully to craft units, learn new information, and study to find that the work is not embraced, welcomed, or allowed.  I hate wasting time like that.

So, for now I will let the many unanswered questions I've posed lie in emails or the hollow space between asking aloud and waiting for a response. I'll also make a list of these unanswered questions looking for a pattern, trend, or common feature. Further, I'll make sure that I'm readily answering the questions my students ask even if my answer is, "Gee, I need to think about that--what do you think?"

I'll think about this situation, wondering what to do about unanswered questions.  What do you do?