Thursday, May 28, 2020

Keep the focus: June Teaching; Summer Learning and Advocacy

The teaching/learning plate is full. The next three weeks will be very busy. It is important to stay the course with positivity, professionalism, and good work.

It is also the time of year that some distanced from the classroom seem to get a surge of energy that trickles down to extra jobs and tasks for those of us busy with the day-to-day teaching/learning work. That can be oppressive and get a teacher down. I have to beware of that.

So I'm writing my what's important list so I can refer to this as I navigate the final weeks of the school year.
  • The children's feelings are important--we want everyone to end the year on a positive note.
  • Engaging learning opportunities are important--we want to bridge the school year study with ideas and modeling for engaging summer learning that's fun, creative, and positive.
  • Completing the necessary paperwork such as report cards is important.
  • Cleaning up the classroom is important.
  • Preparing materials for a positive move-up day and positive clap-out are important. It is important to think carefully about the student/parent role with regards to summer learning and the transition to an unpredictable fall. Do we want to introduce students to the learning menu via a summer learning menu? How do we want to foster a good relationship with the parent community via our move-up day presentation and letter? 
  • Helping students complete their final projects with care is important. 
  • Responding to parent emails is important. 
  • Being present, being positive, and continuing to teach virtually until the end is important.
  • Celebrating the fifth graders is important. We will create a virtual clap-out, watch and celebrate the fifth grade play, and present and share the students' amazing biography reports, Global Cardboard/Recycled Goods Creations, and Independent Learning Adventures 
Lots will happen over the summer while teachers and students are away.

During the summer, I will focus on personal and family matters, take a vacation up north, read more fiction, and read and focus on two main books, White Fragility and Limitless Math. As far as advocacy goes, I will focus my advocacy on getting out the vote--I'll think more deeply about this once school ends at the end of June.