Saturday, March 21, 2020

At-Home Teaching/Learning Week Two

Our first week of at-home learning is complete. So far, I've heard no complaints and many families and students have reached out for consult. Next week, I want to use what I learned and take this at-home virtual teaching a bit more seriously. What will I do?

Virtual Collegial Meetings
Two virtual meetings are set up for Monday. That will help me to prioritize how I spend my time teaching from home.

Weekly Newsletter
Each week during the school year, our grade-level team sends out a newsletter. We'll continue that and likely send out a new newsletter on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week to guide our learners.

Learning Menu
Our team created a beefy learning menu with lots and lots of learning options and expectations. There's not a shortage of learning ideas for the children. Next week, I want to zero in on the learning by offering some one-to-one chats with students to assist them with their learning. I will also contact families and students from my homeroom who I have not heard from yet to see how they are doing. Further, I'll comment on students' learning to date with the projects and assignments offered. So many are doing terrific studying online. I've made one main math goal for all and most students are meeting that challenge which brings us together as a team and helps them to solidify past math learning. This is good.

Virtual Class Meeting
We'll have our first virtual class meeting on Tuesday. A parent and child have offered to set that up and I am thankful for that. On Monday, a colleague who has already done that, will offer some suggestions as to how to lead this meeting and how long it should last. I look forward to this, but must admit I'm a bit anxious about it as I have not done that before.

Teaching Space
We have three at-home learners and workers here. My college son is learning remotely in the dining room. My husband is working in the kitchen and living room, and I am working in the den. I'll set up my space a bit better prior to the Monday morning meeting as that will be my office/classroom for the next two weeks at a minimum.

Professional Learning
Most of my professional learning at the moment will be based on learning to manage at-home teaching and academic support with colleagues for students and their family members.

Now that week two of virtual teaching/learning is planned, it's time for the weekend. Onward.