Saturday, March 21, 2020

People- and Earth-Friendly Living

The COVID-19 event is giving most people some time to think about what matters when it comes to living in Earth-friendly and people-friendly ways. Clearly, many of us have been on a frantic, too-busy conveyor belt of life. It's important that we make the time now to think about how we might better living for ALL Americans.

Realistic Work Schedules
Life has changed a lot since the five-day work week became a staple for many. I think it's time to make a three- or four-day work week the staple now. Perhaps a good schedule would be three collaborative days on the job, one virtual day, one day for family/personal chores, one day for family/personal fun, and one day for family/personal reflection/study. As I rode my bike around the neighborhood yesterday, I noticed so many happy children and pets. Children thrive with attention and teachers everywhere know that the attention to children has been compromised by parents' too busy schedules and too great job demands. It is time to make time for both personal time and family time as integral parts of everyone's work/home schedules.

Less Pollution
More days to work from home means less pollution from car emissions and other sources. If we focus on making people's homes as sustainable as possible and then implementing schedules that give people more time to work and study from home, we will lesson the carbon footprint and mitigate climate change. This is positive.

Also more time at home, may mean that people have more time to grow their own food and prepare healthy food at home. It may mean that people can live with greater intention rather than rushing all the time.

Stronger, Better Communities
Clearly the United States has to put communities at the center of policy and practice. Strong communities will ensure that people have the basic needs and rights for good living. There is so much more we can do to strengthen communities in ways that make those communities safe, enjoyable, Earth-friendly, smart, nurturing, and sustainable. I will think more on this in the days ahead and likely write a more detailed post later.

American's too-rushed, impersonal, and conveyor-belt lifestyles have compromised good living for so many of us. This situation has also made us pawns in the hands of those with great power and money--that's one reason why President Trump's lying, ignorant, and manipulative rally calls have been popular--people are seeking connection, but without strong communities, they blindly follow the words of self-serving tricksters rather than their own hearts and minds. There is much we can do, and during this challenging time of quarantine for so many, we can think about how to revise society and make it better for modern times and good living for ourselves and the generations that come after us. Onward.