Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Take Back the Classroom Community

At times, your work in the classroom can be hijacked by all kinds of initiatives, efforts, attitudes, and ideas. Sometimes that hijacking actually turns out to be positive as it inspires a new direction or an improved practice, but sometimes that hijacking leads to a troubling imbalance in the classroom. When that happens, you have to take the classroom back by not allowing the hijacking to continue.

How can you do this?

Make some time to solidify the routines. Focus on the priorities--the most important learning objectives. Put the children at the center of all that is done.

What does this look like in real time?

First, more time to introduce and coach transitions with clear expectations. When the expectations are not clear, there's room for error.

Then, slowing down the teaching/learning program in order to make time to focus in on the important teaching and coaching needed to build a strong, productive community.

And, as much as possible, sticking to the schedule--following a positive daily routine of teaching and learning.

Time to return to promoting the best possible program.