Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Long View: Teaching 2020

Every so often, it is clear that the class has landed at a new place, a place that requires a relook at what we do and how we do it.

While the class in general is academically strong, at this point in the teaching/learning road, there is greater need for a focus on manners, following the routines, and helping one another. A bit of off-task, unkind behavior seeped into the classroom in the last few days. It began with some unkind, off-task teasing and grew. As you can imagine, this is discouraging. Yet, rather than be discouraged, I have to redirect this kind of behavior to more positive, proactive behavior. What will I do?

First, It is essential that we have a good routine with clear expectations about what children are expected to do and how they are expected to act each day. Then we need to have a few consequences for those who simply will not do their work or act politely--the class is too big and has too much good potential to let a few interrupt the good learning and positive community.

And, of course, there is the need to coach each child personally and with as much positivity as possible. We have a great course of study planned for the days of head and to get the most from that study with includes multiple varied events, we need to revisit the way we work together and the focus of our efforts. Onward.