Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Learning about colleague's good work

Today I had the opportunity to hear a number of colleagues discuss their dedicated, talented, and student-centered teaching. I loved hearing about and observing via videos about their research, decision making, and impact on children. This was inspiring.

School life can be quite the roller coaster. Monday and Tuesday were trying days for many reasons--I had to sort out some confusion about school priorities and effort. I was obsessed by the need to find an answer. Then today, I tried a new approach that worked. What a relief! I actually was able to teach at the level and with the student-centered approach I strive to teach with. This was good.

I'm sure there will be trying days ahead, but I hope this new approach, one that includes greater structure, simplicity, and more tailored, timely transitions will signal some good teaching days for the days to come. Overall it has been a good year, but clearly the students were demonstrating the need for some change in the past few days and hopefully this is the change they need to get back on track and learn in ways that meet the potential that exists. Onward.