Thursday, February 27, 2020

What brings out the best in you?

What brings out the best in you?

This is a question I have been thinking a lot about this year as I coach my young students ahead. This year, probably more than ever, recess brings out the best in some of my students because they simply love to run and play--they can't get enough if. That brings out the best in them. Creative activities also brings out the best in many of my students--they love to build, draw, and create and they are very good at it. For others, they clearly love to read--when it is time to choose a book of choice and get comfy and read, they are ready to go and unstoppable the whole time. There are a few too who truly enjoy discussing social issues, world events, and problems--I've never had more open circles than this year due to this desire and interest.

While we have to learn to work in conditions that are not our favorite situations, it's good to know what really brings us the best in us and sway in that direction whenever we can as who doesn't want to be their best.

As I think of this, I recognize that the pure density of school life is sometimes challenging--there are so many people in a small space with lots and lots of needs as well as potential. That busy, busy atmosphere is sometimes a challenge since there is little time to quietly create, organize, and focus in on individual students and their needs and interests. Yet, at times, the vibrancy that lots of dedicated and joyful children is a joy. The way they come together to boost and inspire each other while they learn together is awesome. I love when that synergy happens. For me, in general, I like quieter, more focused settings rather than too densely populated and busy settings. Quiet places for the most part bring out the best in me.

Creativity and the arts also bring out the best in me. I really enjoy visiting an art museum, watching a good movie, engaging in creative tasks of any kind, listening to music, and observing any kind of creativity in action. I enjoy coaching students' creativity, problem solving, and project work too.

Nature brings out the best in me too. I enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature. My eyes delight when I take a ride or walk in nature, climb a mountain, bike at the beach, visit an arboretum or explore a garden. One aspect of the school where I teach that I truly enjoy is the big, beautiful playground surrounded by forest.

Adventure and exploration also brings out the best in me. I love to research, investigate, and discover in multiple ways. I suppose I became a teacher because I like to learn so much. For example, students and I will explore volume in a number of ways today. I'll truly enjoy studying this topic with students as we look at this measurement concept in a number of ways.

In situations great and small, it is good to think about what brings out the best in you. That will be helpful as you navigate life's many decisions in the days ahead.