Monday, January 13, 2020

Why are Mondays difficult?

Like many, I LOVE the weekends. I LOVE having time to do what I want and relax. Monday spells back to the busyness that school is--back to a tight schedule and meeting lots of needs. Yet, years ago when I didn't work full time, the weekends weren't as special. In some ways, the hard work of the work week makes the weekends so much more special.

That said, Mondays are a reality, and it only takes a few minutes and a few kind words and warm smiles from the children to get me back into the weekly routine of teaching and caring for fifth graders as well as working with colleagues.

What will this week bring?

First, I will get to see some of my students present to the whole school. They are so proud of this role and have practiced diligently. I will be very proud of them.

After that we'll have a short recess, then begin learning with lots of math study, reading, a short teacher's meeting, and more math. All good learning that matters.

Tonight I'll review students' homework and make notes so I can get everyone back completing their home study practice in the new year--that practice really helps students gain math skill, concept, and knowledge.

A good day ahead.