Monday, January 13, 2020

Meeting ALL Needs?

 One challenge of teaching large groups of children day in and day out is that you cannot meet all needs all the time. Sometimes, some have to patient while you prioritize other children's needs. This becomes an issue when a child is unwilling to wait their turn, go with the program, or try their best.

Most teachers want to help everyone. Most teachers design lessons to help all or at least as many as possible, and most teacher experience times when it is simply impossible to meet all the needs in the classroom due to a large number of possible reasons.

That happened to me today. There were many needs and only one of me. I could not be there for everyone so I had to choose some over others which dismayed those who wanted more or different.

The same thing happens to parents--we try to parent all our children well, but sometimes one may take priority over another. Onward.