Sunday, January 12, 2020

Priorities: Second week in January 2020

We're back in full swing at school and that means we're busy, busy, busy--so what's prioritized?

Math Homework Review
When students complete their math homework, they do better. I'll spend some time on Monday night reviewing students completed homework to see who is on track and who needs more support in this area. During our Tuesday Response to Intervention sessions, we can help those who need more support.

Math Lessons
We're focused on division in multiple ways and will continue that work.

Math Response to Intervention
We took a close look at how all students are doing and made a few targets with regard to our collective teaching. We'll focus in on those targets with regard to specific students and kinds of instruction this week.

We'll read students winter stories this week and students will vote on their favorite.

Progress Reports
We'll begin work on progress reports that will be handed out in February.

Whenever we have any extra time we'll focus on quiet reading of great books--we're encouraging lots and lots of good reading whenever and however we can.

Long Term Planning
The team will meet to review a number of long term planning items, then do the prep that goes along with that.

Sensitivity and Care for Every Student
Beginning with the morning greeting, we'll do all that we can to sensitively and carefully attend to each student's needs and interests in ways that matter.

We have a good week ahead.