Saturday, January 11, 2020

Teach Well: Visit the Boston Museum of Science

We had a wonderful trip to the Boston Museum of Science yesterday. The Museum is better than ever. There were several factors that made the trip a success:

  • Lead time: we planned the trip early in the year
  • Chaperones: we had a good amount of chaperones
  • Agenda: we studied the Museum schedule for that day and created an agenda that met our teaching/learning goals and interests
  • Student preparation: we reviewed the schedule with students as well as other behavioral expectations.
What did we do? From 9:30-1:15, we did the following:
  • Visit exhibits: my group went to the hands-on discovery lab and engaged in all kinds of chemistry-related activities
  • The Animal Show: students loved this great presentation all about snakes
  • STEAM Lab: Students used the design process to create and race small sleds--they loved it!
  • Science Playground: Students learned about physical science through play
  • Force Presentation: We were entertained with a terrific presentation all about force
  • Lightning Show: Another great show all about lightning and electricity
  • More exploration of many, many exhibits: Students explored river habitats, a sheep's heart, New England habitats, and much, much more.
We also had students carry their backpacks with their lunches and snacks so they could stop and eat when they were hungry rather than spend a lot of time on that since our time was short.

This was a fabulous trip--one I recommend for all school groups in the New England region and beyond if possible.