Thursday, December 05, 2019

Teaching ahead; December 2019

Overall students have been ready and eager to learn this week. That's good!

Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals
In math, we're focusing in on math operations with decimals and whole numbers. There's lots of model making, problem solving, and calculation as students strengthen these skills.

Climate Fair: We Love the Earth
For science, students are gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to steward our local SUASCO watershed. In the next few weeks, small teams will decide on an advocacy project that will help students and families in our community to better care for and protect the watershed. This small team advocacy will provide students with the opportunity to work together to research, create, and forward a positive effort that will culminate in a February 14th climate fair at school.

Reading, Reading, and More Reading
The changes in staffing and focus for RTI have really helped with regard to student reading. We'll continue to work at this.

Students will work with the writing teacher to complete their informative writing and then write their "Trapped in a Snow Globe" stories.

Science Assessment
We'll give students a science assessment in January to determine what information they gained as we taught to several of the science standards this fall.

Class Films
The class films bring the team together with good discussion and curiosity. Right now we're watching "Miracle of Moreaux" which depicts a both troubling and positive situation that occurs during World War II over the holidays in a small village in France. Later we'll watch "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" to see an example of tenacity, ingenuity, and STEAMwork to inspires students abilities in those areas.

As a professional team, we'll discuss a few areas of school life which could profit from finesse. Specifically we'll look at adding a bit more coaching for students who will profit from that. We'll also strategize around the needs of a few students who are not succeeding with the standards as well as we would expect--we need to change how we are teaching these students in some ways. We'll also zero in on the climate fair and upcoming field studies.