Monday, December 09, 2019

Back on Track: Teaching Well

It was a wonderful holiday weekend until I came home and listened to the news which made me fall down the Trump hole--a hole that catches you unaware and leaves you trapped for a long time until you figure out what to do with respect to this errant President and his seemingly uninformed and errant or robotic followers.

The truth is that the Trump team does not in any way support educators, moms, and community members like me--their exclusive and bigoted hopes and dreams for the country do not match my inclusive vision of good living and voice and choice for all.

But, to fall down the deadly trump hole is a purely negative experience that zaps your energy and leaves you lifeless--it's a depressing fall. So, now that above the dank dungeon, it's time to focus on the positive week of teaching and family life ahead. What matters?

First, as always, a healthy routine is imperative to teaching well--good sleep, good food, and good active work sets the stage for positive teaching.

Next, what I'm teaching this week is not simple and I'll relay that fact to the students--the study of traditional multiplication will take students' good concentration and repetition. It won't take time if students give it their good energy. After that we'll backtrack to the more interesting and meaningful parts of the multiplication unit.

As for science, students will take a thoughtful assessment on Friday to review all the science we've taught so far this year and to get ready for their upcoming work on the climate change projects. Prepping the assessment will take some deep, energized work this week.

We also have a professional meeting to review our project assessment pilot--we have a few details to shore up before we move forward with that. There will be a joyful school concert too and we'll continue watching Miracle at Moreaux, a great movie that builds empathy and understanding of life with both historical, social, and psychological lens.

It's the holidays too, and soon my house will be filled with friends and relatives day after day. That means I've got some cooking and cleaning to do in order to make our home the warm, welcoming place I'd like it to be.

I'll lift myself from any falls down the Trump hole in the next few weeks with the following actions:

  • Stay far away from any pro-Trump talk or action--clearly this President is an errant leader who leads for his own survival, fame, and gain, and not the interests of most Americans. 
  • Listen and read the news to stay abreast of his errant actions, words, and direction.
  • Work to do positive work that opposes his team's lawless, wasteful efforts.
I've worked with errant leaders before. I know what their self-serving weight can do to your pysche, energy, and efforts. You can only take them in small doses or else they become a bulldozer to your spirit and potential. Keep it positive. Celebrate the good all around, and work for betterment. That's my mantra this season. Onward.