Monday, December 09, 2019

Wrong turns

Oh my, it's been one wrong turn after another the last few weeks. What's the reason? I think it is mainly because it's time to think anew about what was once familiar territory. The changes to life's landscape have been considerable, and now it is time to update the way I travel the road.

What needs to change?

Greater Sensitivity
I'm not sure if I'm more attuned or people are more sensitive, but greater sensitivity is required in all aspects of life. The movie, Late Night, is a good exaggeration of this point as Emma Thompson realizes she has to retire some of her old, harsh ways to empathize and show greater sensitivity. This is a point of life when it's often better to wait until people come to you with questions than to be forthright with your observations or opinions. It's time to teach and communicate more by action than words.

Less Busy Schedule
I'm finding that I desire a narrower, but deeper scope with regard to the work I do and life I lead. In order to go deeper, you have to do less. Skimming the surface of issues and endeavors does not lend itself to depth.

Listen More
I'm surrounded by many bright people who are living life with wonderful intelligence, drive, creativity, and spirit. Rather than lead in many situations, I am best to be led by these amazing colleagues, friends, and family members.

It is a time for greater creativity in multiple modalities. For example it's a good time to get creative with cooking, travel, entertaining, and making things.

To learn more about this relatively renewed place in life, it's essential to explore.

Wrong turns generally lead us to new directions if we are open minded to the twists and turns this direction takes us, and that is generally not a problem. Onward.