Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Snow Day Opportunity

I was so glad that it was a snow day. That meant that I could tackle a large pile of student papers with good energy and a cup of coffee. I was able to analyze the math program so far as I reviewed students' work. It gave me a great idea about how students were moving along with the learning including who is getting what they need and who needs more or different.

The snow day gave me a chance to reach out to families too with regard to learning opportunities and expectations. Many families responded with questions and comments--that also helped me to think about the program overall and with regard to individual students. There was some time to catch up with personal affairs too. Everyone needs a snow day now and then.

Of course when I was a young mom, a snow day meant time caring for my children, not time to catch up on work or personal affairs. Which leaves me to wonder how we might change the school schedule a bit so teachers have the time they need to do the good work possible. Too often our minute-to-minute time-on-task responsibilities prevent us from the deep, good work possible. I think there's opportunity to change that, but I haven't given it enough thought to provide answers at this moment.

In summary, I don't think that systems or any work places should fret the snow day--a good snow day often keeps people safe, provides a bit of a respite, and gives children time to play. There's nothing wrong with that.