Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Professional Path: Next Steps for School Year 2019-2020

One of my great professional challenges is spreading myself too thin. Another is making sure that my actions live up to my words. Knowing this, I want to refine the path for the days ahead. What matters? Who will be my primary affiliations? How will I spend my time?

What matters?
The priorities for the year ahead include the following:
  • a welcoming classroom community
  • culturally responsive teaching
  • a deep focus on math/science education
  • a positive grade five teaching/learning routine that includes time for deep and enjoyable reading every day
  • apt collaboration with the greater grade five learning team including students, families, grade-level teachers, coaches/interventionists, special educators, therapists, and specialists
  • Twitter PLN for ready resources, current events, inspiration, support
  • MTA/WTA: Union support and affiliation to advocate for fair working conditions, salaries, and support for doing the best possible work for students
  • NCTM: to support a deep focus on math education
  • MA DESE: to support the good learning/teaching possible
  • YouCubed Facebook page: great source of current information related to math education
  • Massachusetts' Audubon Drumlin Farm: continued partnership to elevate hands-on, engaging, relevant, standards-based environmental education
  • Elizabeth Warren campaign for the presidency
  • Daily reading/research
  • Monday-Friday focus on good teaching, nurturing students' academic, social/emotional learning, and healthy activity engagement and success
  • Time for family, health
  • Contribution of time to Elizabeth Warren campaign for Presidency
  • Health and happiness
  • Continued learning and good work
  • Student happiness and academic success
  • Family support and happiness
  • Contribution of time, talent, and money (when possible) to people and places I believe in