Wednesday, August 07, 2019

The pain off Trump leadership

Like many, I find Trump's leadership to be a pain, not unlike the pain of an illness that just won't go away. When you're really sick, you remember the good days of health. These days of Trump make me look back to the good Obama days, and to be truthful, the days with most other Presidents were far better than these diseased days with Trump at the helm.

It's easy to become obsessed with Trump's disrespectful and harmful words and ways because he is an offense to everything that most of us value--he throws aside the civility we've learned to use as we work with others, debate, make decisions, and get along. Instead he goes about his merry ways with overt praise for those who do or say what he wants them to do or say as well as his demeaning shaming, blaming, lying, exaggerating, and name calling for those who go against his ideas or actions. His script is simple: love talk for those that elevate his wealth, ego, power and hate-talk for those who challenge his self serving actions, words, and interests.

What is not so simple, however, is the impact that he is having on our culture. He truly is dividing the American people with his divisive hate speech that incites violence against innocents. Some think this is Putin's bidding since it seems clear that Trump has some suspicious ties to that errant very wealthy dictator known for his human rights violations. Others see it simply as Trump's will to elevate his own power in the world--a world in which his businesses have multiple ties and investments. Trump shows little concern for the country in general and less concern for most Americans--his words and actions demonstrate mainly his will to reign and be on top financially, with respect to power, and having it his way.

So what do you do about Trump--he's a cancer that just won't go away. A loved one of mine did beat cancer, and I'll follow what he did with regard to Trump's painful Presidency.

Don't Give Up
My loved one did not want to succumb to cancer's awful grip so he didn't give up. He fought the disease tooth and nail, and fortunately he beat it. I need to use the same tenacity when it comes to working against the hate, violence, and contempt the Trump reign is casting our on our country.

Be Smart
My loved one read everything he could about his disease. He found out what the richest people with the most power did when they got the same kind of cancer. He said that if they have all the money in the world and the best doctors, then I'm going to do what they did. He followed their lead and his research. It is important to understand what Trump is doing, the laws that he is challenging, and the ways that he is undermining our country's value of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Then, like my loved one, it is important to use that information to work against Trump's self-serving, heinous leadership, actions, and words.

Make Connections
My loved one used every connection he could to work with the best possible doctors and experts related to his cancer. That landed him in a study that eventually, in part, rid his body of the cancer. We have to work together if we want to defeat the errant leadership and policies of Trump and his self serving family members and cronies. Good political action requires that we connect to one another to work against evil regimes, ideas, and policies. That's difficult for average people in America to do since many are working around the clock simply to do their jobs and keep up with their chores and responsibilities, but we have to make time to work together for what really matters. I am supporting Elizabeth Warren's campaign with a few dollars and hopefully with some real time volunteer work soon. I am also supporting other worthy Democratic candidates by showing support for their words and actions. I want change and will join with my teachers union, Warren's campaign, and others to make this change happen.

Have a Hopeful, Healthy Routine and Outlook
My loved one did not give up. He pushed himself to stay involved in family events and his own interests. He challenged himself to research the best nutrition and exercise to stay as healthy as he could. He continued to support others in the family with his time and resources. He had a healthy routine of walking and caring for himself with as much good effort as possible. During these Trump days, we can't let him suck the life out of us, but instead we have to maintain and strengthen a hopeful, healthy routine and outlook via good work, positive relationships, and healthy habits.

Of course there's a bit of fate and luck embedded in every challenge. My loved one did all of the above and also was the recipient of good luck too. He was the only one that survived the study he took part in, and one of the few that I know that totally beat that cancer for good. Yet, if none of us use persistence, intelligence, connections, and a hopeful, healthy routine, we'll have no chance to turn this country around and put it back on course as a country that prides itself in justice and liberty for all.  In the days ahead, I'll follow my loved one's routine, and I hope that in mid November 2020, I'll be reading this post and thinking, like my loved one, we've beat that cancer that's been crippling our country. Trump is no longer the President, and the promise of a new and better President of the United States is here.