Saturday, August 10, 2019

Godin highlights character attributes

I'm a fan of the way that Godin encapsulates important lessons with a few concise words. I'd like to see him have more to say about the politics of the times, but in the meantime, I still read his wisdom and lessons often. Today he highlighted character attributes a post.  I translated those attributes into actions I can forward to make those attributes visible in my life. It was a good exercise. Take a look if you're interested:

  • Discipline: read, research, write each day, healthy routines
  • Rigor: Attention with detail with regard to the learning experiences I support and facilitate
  • Patience: Listening more than talking.
  • Self-control: Making wise choices about time, money, entertainment, collaboration, and professional efforts.
  • Dignity: Respect for self and others.
  • Respect: Less judgement, more encouragement.
  • Knowledge: Regular reading and research, periodically attending and presenting at professional conferences.
  • Curiosity: Exploration via museums, travel, reading, research, and engagement in new endeavors.
  • Wisdom: Choose a mentor group of living and historic wise leaders. Reading their words, following their lives.
  • Ethics: Making decisions with seven-generation thinking; what's best for all of us today and into the future.
  • Honor: Acting in a way that exemplifies the best of whom we can be as humans: honorable speak, acts, choices, connections.
  • Empathy: Putting myself in the shoes of others and seeing challenge, choice, and effort through their eyes. Go hard on problems, not the people. 
  • Resilience: With every error, knock, troubling judgement, and struggle, recognize that life is a path of hills, valleys, and plateaus--weathering life's terrain with resilience builds strength, capacity, positive perspective, and success.
  • Honesty: We have to be truthful to ourselves and others as that builds great strength and support for overcoming obstacles, gaining good connections, and achieving in meaningful, positive, proactive ways.
  • Long-term: Look ahead and be willing to sacrifice today to achieve tomorrow.
  • Possibility: Make time to dream, and work for the possibility your dreams create.
  • Bravery: Always have the courage to do what is good and right.
  • Kindness: Be honestly kind and helpful to all that you live and work with.
  • Awareness: Stay abreast of the people, places, and events around you, and act with respect with regard to current events, emotions, needs, and potential.