Saturday, August 10, 2019

Final days of summer vacation; school days on the horizon

It's a wonderfully crisp August morning that brings good energy and thoughts about the school year to come. Plans are mostly made, summer study mainly completed, and a number of collegial meetings to come as well as upcoming room prep and set up.

Specifically, I want to complete the following;

Math Routines
I committed to reading this book over the summer, and I know that it will empower my math start, so I'll read and apply to the year to come.

Collegial Planning and Prep
Together the collegial group does amazing work. We'll likely get a lot done when we meet this week and during the first two teacher prep days of the year.

Room Set-Up
I'll power through this during the first two teacher prep days.

Initial Lessons and Units
I'll focus in on the initial community building, math, and science lessons and units set.

Goals for a Successful Year

  • Healthy, positive routine
  • Successful science and math teaching and learning
  • A warm, happy, collaborative, inclusive TeamFive learning team of students, educators, family members, and community members
  • Positive contribution and collaboration as a WTA member
  • Positive political action to support the best possible candidates and agendas for local, state, and national offices.