Monday, August 12, 2019

Positive School Year Patterns

One of the greatest challenges during the school year is the challenge of sticking to a positive routine since there are so many temptations to deviate from the path set. The temptations include new initiatives, committee work, hallway conversations, and more--often, the allure of these events take you from your primary focus and most important work. Schools are very busy places with lots of people and lots of events, and if we're not focused well, it's easy to lose direction.

So what will be a positive pattern for the school year ahead? What behaviors and rituals truly do foster the best possible work for the children, their families, and colleagues? For each educator, that answer will be different, but as I think of the goals and work ahead, these are the routine components I want to make sure I focus on.

Happy, Positive Start
As I've done in the past, I'll begin the school day with the schedule out front, some morning tasks for the children, and time to welcome all and troubleshoot any student issues that may occur at the start of the day.

Early Morning Help
I'll open the classroom door at 7:15 two mornings a week for students who want extra help. I'll choose the mornings once I meet with my team and get an idea of the weekly schedule too.

Afterschool Help
I'd like to offer one afternoon a week to help students who need and want an extra boost with math as well. I will also choose that day once the schedule is set.

All Stop and Read
I'll work with my colleagues to foster this effort daily and support this initiative in a number of ways. We'll add this to our schedule.

Math/Science Routines
I'll work with students to establish routines that take the focus away from organization and transition procedures so we can focus in on the most engaging, collaborative, and meaningful areas of math and science study.

Daily Professional Learning, Planning, Reflection, Research
Mostly before and after the school day, but also including planning periods which are directed towards work that can only be done at school.

A time to connect with students as they play.

Office Hours
Time for meetings set aside one afternoon a week.

Time to focus on collegial matters

Content Focus

  • Math/Science Education
  • Reading
  • Dynamic Learning Community
  • SEL and Culturally Responsive, Brain-Friendly Learning/Teaching