Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Sting of Betrayal, Neglect, and Disrespect

It's good to experience the sting of betrayal, neglect, and disrespect because it humanizes you. When you are left out, betrayed, or treated with disrespect, it awakens you to how that feels and if you are open to it, reminds you of times that you may have inflicted the same pain on others. When did you leave someone out, disrespect an individual, or even betray someone you care about or love? My guess is that as you age, it's probable that you've been the perpetrator of one or more of those disingenuous acts and it's not nice.

The more we live, the more we realize that it's best to be inclusive, respectful, and honest. It's also good to try to understand others, get beneath their acts, and understand them for who they really are and what they hope and dream of. I'm still a believer that most of us, if not all of us, begin from a place of good and have a desire to do what is right and good in our lives. The challenge comes when you're tempted to do otherwise by the company you keep, the ambition you feel, the places you hope to go, or the people you hope to be.

We see betrayal, neglect, and disrespect continually play out on the national stage particularly during these Trump times. Trump's words continually negate the hard work, good intentions, and care of countless people and groups. He turns a blind eye towards racism and discrimination and uses derogatory, prejudicial acts and words all the time--he is not a good example of what to do or how to live. He believes you have to step on others to get what you want. I still hold that we can gain win-win solutions to the problems we face as a people and community. I don't think we have to demean some so that others gain.

The company we keep, the beliefs we hold, the work we do, and the communities we foster matter as we work against betrayal, neglect, and disrespect. We have to be mindful at all times of the pain and suffering acts like these cause, and we have to right our roads against such behaviors. It's helpful to have mentors in this cause, to look to people in history and today who model what it means to be supportive, helpful, respectful, honest, and kind. We all know people like this and can use their good works as the light the leads us forth.

Betrayal, neglect, and disrespect stings. What makes it better are apologies, honest conversation, good collaboration, mutual respect, and care. None of us are perfect. None of us hold all of the answers, and all of us are tiny in the sea of time. It's a big world out there and the best we can do to navigate it well is worth our time and attention. Onward.