Thursday, December 13, 2018

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Shoulda (Should have)

  • Taken the time to listen and think before responding
  • Made a few moments to sit back and observe before passing judgement
  • Recognized I couldn't do it all
  • Honor the strengths of others more
  • Been more diplomatic and strategic
  • Pursued that doctorate
Woulda (Would have)
  • Expected more from myself at an early age
  • Spoke up against prejudice and disrespect earlier
  • Been less afraid to pursue my passions at an early age
  • Recognized my strengths
  • Saw through the commercialism that has often dictated women's lives
  • Trusted my gut more
  • Worked with more dynamic leaders
  • Read more
  • Traveled more
  • Spend less time worrying
  • Taken a vacation from loved ones rather than break ties
We all have life events, attitudes, and actions we should have, would have, or could have taken part in--it's good to write that list now and then as we move towards a more open minded, loving, respectful and caring life. Onward.