Monday, November 12, 2018

It's Not Your Job to Think

As an educator, some, believe it or not, don't think it's my job to think.

Some don't typically respond to questions or ideas, and if they do, it's with a derogatory statement that essentially infers, "Don't Think!"

I believe everyone needs to be a thinker no matter what position they are in. I welcome the thinking of my students, colleagues, and their families. The most difficult ideas to accept are those that come with a negative attitude or accusatory statements, and even then I try to listen carefully and consider the point of view. Ideas with negative speak have served to caution me about the way I share ideas too. As they say, you get a lot further with sugar than vinegar.

So instead of getting frustrated at those who demean your ideas and don't respond to what you have to say, simply keep a file of the inaction or negative speak and mull over it. In time, their responses will make sense to you in some way and lead to actions as well.

It is your job to think no matter what you do, and if you think and use your ideas well, you'll typically protect yourself from deep injury or error--ongoing thought, analysis, and consultation usually leads to good ideas and the good work that results from those ideas. Onward.