Monday, November 12, 2018

When Someone is Not Doing Their Job

I've experienced situations here and there through life when people were simply not doing their jobs. When these situations arise from obstacles such as family tragedies or struggles, health problems, or other unexpected and unwanted events, I am empathetic. We all face situations that block our ability to do our jobs well from time to time.

The most difficult situation occurs when it comes to people who consistently disregard the potential their job holds for bettering lives and circumstances. Though rare, when I've seen situations like this it appears that people are putting their own ego and desires ahead of the job itself and there are few, if any, checks and balances to confront this kind of ego-driven, self-serving lethargy.

I have, from time to time, spoken up when I've seen this happen, but, in general, I have found people hesitant to do anything about these situations. In these cases, no one seems to care enough about the person's job or potential to make a difference so they just let it be. And there's probably a lot of underlying facts that I have no knowledge of in these situations thus leaving my lens incomplete.

One way we can work against this lost potential is to not join efforts run by these people. In general, keep your distance as a show of non-support for their lack of integrity and will to do the job at hand. Instead, use your energy to bolster, work with, and learn from the amazing people in your midst--the good people who do their job each day with depth and care. Typically there are lots of people to choose from in this regard.

And if we're going to be critical of some, we have to be critical of ourselves too ensuring that we do what it is we're expected to do, and do it with good time, attitude, and effort. You can't find fault in others if you're not going to do the job yourself. Onward.