Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Busy Days Ahead: Week of November 12

This week marks a number of significant professional and personal events.

Students will complete their coordinate grid study and take an assessment to determine what they've learned and what they can do on their own. The assessment will demonstrate to teachers what more needs to be taught and what has been mastered. We'll also have our fall safety talk and continue our RTI math and reading efforts.

I will attend to a number of personal events at week's end--celebratory events that have been a long time in coming, events that are special enough to request a couple days away from school.

Prepping the classroom and lessons for days away is always a big task for classroom teachers. We have to leave the materials and plans in place so those that take our place know exactly what to do.

The focus this week is to stay true to the plans set and be present for the wonderful teaching and family events to come. Onward.