Monday, August 20, 2018

Math Teaching/Learning Start: Details

We'll play How Close to 100 in the early days of the school year. 
Now with school starting a few days away, I'm planning the very specific details--the day by day lessons. While scope and sequences maintain an early start for standards-based study, it's important to spend time up front building a strong math teaching/learning community.

The weekly math routine will include the following:

Core Program:
  • Monday: Teaching/learning activities - taught in math block. 
  • Tuesday: Collect homework, review That Quiz practice, continue w/core program - taught in math block.
  • Wednesday: Pass back homework, assign new homework, continue w/core program - taught in math block.
  • Thursday: Teaching/Learning activities - taught in math block.
  • Friday: Students begin with math tech menu, complete w/teacher check-in review with individuals and/or whole class. Taught by all fifth grade teachers.
  • Year starts with a focus on jump starting Symphony Math Activities and Assessments
  • Then the year follows the RTI protocol as determined by the math team
  • Homework packets assigned on Wednesdays
  • Homework collected and passed back on Tuesdays
Kindergarten/First Grade Buddy Math
  • Fifth graders engage buddies in hands-on math activities related to the a unit of study the fifth grade is studying at a kindergarten/first grade level. This gives fifth graders an opportunity to be math teachers.

The math lessons to come include the following starting on the first transition day:

  • Thursday, September 6: Names, collecting summer homework, Create math class norms, math study spaces/groups and routines for the math classroom. 
  • Friday, September 7: History of people: introduction to timelines. History of people, skin shade, timeline - "The past affects the future." video
  • Monday, September 10: No school
  • Tuesday, September 11: Review norms, introduce and begin Name Value activity
  • Wednesday, September 12: Introduce Math Reflection Journal (in 3-prong folder). Complete part of the assignment together and assign the rest due Tuesday 9/17. Work on Name Value activity.
  • Thursday, September 13: Complete What's Your Name name value activity. Students who are done work on Symphony Math. 
  • Friday, September 14: Symphony Math practice, follow-up goal setting with Symphony Math.
  • Monday, September 17: Systemwide Assessment if ready. Possible facts assessment.
  • Tuesday, September 18: Collect Homework. Review That Quiz and let students practice.
  • Wednesday, September 19th: No School
  • Thursday, September 20th: Pattern exercise. Pass out next week's homework, pass back last week's homework.
  • Friday, September 21st: Boaler "Everyone can learn math" Ted Talk. Making Mini posters about a positive math mindset. (Teacher professional day)
  • Monday, September 24: warm-up on facts and arrays: playing a math game
  • Tuesday, September 25: Review order of operations with "How Many Ways Can We Make 48?" Pick up/pass back homework.
  • Wednesday, September 26: Introduce new homework. Introduce unit one: Place Value
  • Thursday, Place Unit continues
  • Friday, September 27th: Field Trip
  • Follow Standards-Based Scope and Sequence in days ahead using systemwide scope and sequence, unit guides, Boaler's grade five book, and other resources.

Kindergarten-Buddy Math
  • Sunflower Glyphs
  • Time Line 1-11; interview and make 1-6 timelines with kindergartners
  • Place value finger activity