Sunday, August 19, 2018

School Starts Next Week: Final Plans

The school year begins in one week when teachers get together to set up classrooms, schedules, and lessons.

There's a lot of positive anticipation and plans for a wonderful year.

For the most part, the year is planned and ready to go. All the essential information is listed on our website for families, students, and colleagues to review.

Next steps include the following:

  • Set up the classroom with the student teacher.
  • Attend the first-day-of-school teacher system, union, and school meetings--listen carefully to the goals and events set and embed those goals and events into the classroom plans.
  • Share a favorite book with colleagues, have my picture taken.
  • Conduct an orientation for students who live far away from the school and new students.
  • Meet to schedule specialist services.
  • Prep first day of school lessons.
  • Prep exemplar for inside/outside window activity.
  • Complete forms for fall field trips and professional learning days.
  • Review the planning and prep post to make sure we've done all that's needed.